Sean Marshall

Owner & Roastmaster

Sean is a lover of coffee and cherishes sharing his vast knowledge on the subject. Ask him a coffee question if you’re willing to listen for a couple hours.  Find him making a mean espresso martini at Coterié café or putting some love into a cute cappuccino at Southside Espresso. Outside of work Sean is a father of two, husband to Michelle, and friends with everyone. He spends most of his time asking his loved ones, “Have I told you how beautiful you are today?”, and reminding everyone to "Be Very Kind" and to “Find the Good".


Michelle Marshall


Michelle is the badass behind it all. She raises her and Sean’s children Thomas and Eisley while working 50 hours a week as a Nurse Practitioner at several hospitals in the southern Houston region including UTMB. She travels on all coffee origin trip and assists in selecting coffees to include in Fusion Bean’s repertoire. She is Queen to Sean’s King of Coffee, Mother of shops.


Bonnie Childers

Head Roaster & Operations Manager

Bonnie came into the fold in 2015 at Southside Espresso. She quickly showed leadership qualities, and became a manager a both Southside Espresso And Coterie’ Café. After helping start Coterie’, Bonnie began assisting Sean at Fusion Beans, both roasting coffee and helping organize and facilitate deliveries and interactions with wholesale clients. Bonnie undeniably embodies the spirit of all three ventures, and makes sure that the goals and energy set forth in each comes to light. She not only sets her own initiative up, but helps to embolden and inspire those around her. Bonnie is a gem, and one of the most valuable leaders in our companies.