Fusion Beans

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y….NIGHT!!!…or, the Smackdown Results

So it was, once again, a productive weekend. Dan Streetman led us all in a discussion about what it is to be a barista, and short of breaking out the guitar and singing “koom-bay-yah”, I couldn’t have walked away feeling much better about my job. ( Barista first, coffee roaster second) Alot of good points were tossed out, but at the end of the discussion, the resounding melody was this: a barista’s primary objective is to present what he/she has been given (coffee) in a way that honors the work that has been done before them, and, to provide the customer with an excellent coffee experience overall. Pretty good job description I think. After the pep-talk, the gloves where off. The throwdown commenced and the top three were as follows:

In the seven ounce tulip throwdown….In third place….
Johnathan Meadows of Alliance World Coffee/White Rock Coffee!!!!

John M tulip
In second place,……Dan Streetman of Cuvee Coffee!!!!

Dan S tulip
And in first place, and the winner of $150 cash……Sean Marshall of Fusion Beans!!!

Sean M tulip

Oh yeah, I took it, and no you can’t borrow any money. =) For more on the Saturday Night Smackdown, check out http://saturdaynightsmackdown.blogspot.com/

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