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It’s the Jam…We be Jammin’…Toast with Barista jam…take your pick.

K, so, I know this is kinda a late post, but I’ll put it up anyway. This Saturday, at Cafe Medici Guadelupe, the jammiest jam you ever did see is goin’ down!  Here are the details per Lorenzo Perkins:

Latte art smackdown pic

” Just putting the word out on the street, officially, that the next Smackdown is on for July 25 at 6:00 pm at Medici Guadalupe.

Dan Streetman, United States Barista Championship Head Judge and Barista Guild of America South Central Regional Chapter Representative, will be facilitating a discussion on what it means to be a barista, what the role of a barista is and should be, as well as the place of the barista within the larger coffee community. The talk could be titled, “Barista, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the 4 M’s”. I can’t promise revolution, but I can promise some awesomeness.

As usual, they educational portion will be followed by a Latte Art Throwdown, in the usaully style . . . with milk and espresso. The theme for this months pour will be seven ounce TULIPS! The point of these theme pours are to challenge baristas to perfect and extend their repetoire, furthering the craft and artisanship fo the barista. So, time to start practising those tulips. See y’all on the 25th.


Not these tulips......

Not these tulips......

THESE tulips!

THESE tulips!

I’ll post results and pictures after the smackdown! Hope to see ya’ll there!

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