Fusion Beans

8 Days in Shanghai

Whats up, my people from the west side of the world?! We finally made it! The long awaited UBC in Shanghai is this week and we are here patiently awaiting the first round to start. First round starts Wednesday, China time, and will be latte art. Thursday is espresso frappe, and we’ll finish up friday with espresso cocktail. We’re going to be periodically updating everyone on the competition’s progress, and uploading pictures and video here on the site, and on our flicker page, so long as we can access it. Speaking of access, don’t expect too many (or any at all) updates on facebook or twitter, as the PRC government has kindly blocked those sites from use. In any case though, the FB site will be your primary source for updates, and we’ll be sure to keep you in th loop. Until then, Ni hao, and 我想喝点咖啡。

UPDATE: Alight folks, pics here on my Photostream on Flickr.

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