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FYI, Out of the Country…

Hey Fusion Beans followers! Just to let ya’ll know, I will be in the Dominican Republic for ten days, from July 31-August 9. Catch back up with you people after that. Yes, I will be posting pics and fill ya’ll in on the trip.

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S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y….NIGHT!!!…or, the Smackdown Results

So it was, once again, a productive weekend. Dan Streetman led us all in a discussion about what it is to be a barista, and short of breaking out the guitar and singing “koom-bay-yah”, I couldn’t have walked away feeling much better about my job. ( Barista first, coffee roaster second) Alot of good points [...]

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It’s the Jam…We be Jammin’…Toast with Barista jam…take your pick.

K, so, I know this is kinda a late post, but I’ll put it up anyway. This Saturday, at Cafe Medici Guadelupe, the jammiest jam you ever did see is goin’ down!  Here are the details per Lorenzo Perkins: ” Just putting the word out on the street, officially, that the next Smackdown is on [...]

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UBC Dallas 2009…H-town represent!!

Two weeks ago, June 28, 29 and 30, I competed in the Ultimate Barista Challenge. The competition is set up kinda “Iron Chef” style, with two baristas competing at one time across from each other. There is a qualifying round for each of four categories: Latte Art, Best of Brew, Espresso Frappe, and Espresso Cocktail. [...]

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Oh Yeah with the new site comes….

A freakin’ new roaster!! Probat L5, at my doorstep this morning. Can’t wait to get this thing into a new facility and cranked up.

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Welcome to the all new FusionBeans.com. A few parts of the site, like the Store, are still getting the finishing touches put on but they’ll be up and running in just a day or two. The blog here on the homepage will be updated a few times a week with news of what we’re roasting, [...]

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