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Fusion Beans Store Updated!

Hey All, after several months of some frustrating growing pains, our online store is back up and running in full swing, with new coffees available for you to check out! Also, the “Our Farmers” page has bee updated to match. Enjoy!

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Southside Espresso, 904-B Westheimer

Finally! It seems like it’s been the longest road, but we’re finally making the move. Coming this fall/winter, at the 904-B Westhiemer space next to the new Uchi restaurant will be our very own coffee shop called Southside Espresso.

At Fusion Beans, we’ve had the awesome and educational experience of being solely a coffee roasterie, and have been able to provide both wholesale and retail customers with fresh roasted, awesome coffees, and we’ve received really great feedback from all sorts of folks. But the art and craft of the barista culture was where we started, and has always been at the heart of what we do. It’s the hand of the barista that has the privilege of interacting, engaging, and learning with the customer, and that for us is purely exciting.

Southside Espresso will be a craft coffee bar that presents the roasting and barista style of the third coast. Our goal is to present coffees in a professional and artisanal way, while also providing a comfortable environment that our customers can call their own. Southside Espresso, while having Fusion Beans coffee on tap every day, will also have a strong guest espresso and coffee program presenting some of the nation’s other top roasters. In addition to premium coffees, we will also have a top notch beer and wine list. Southside Espresso will be open 7 days a week, from 7a-11p, and we can’t wait to see you there! Look for us in the coming months of 2011.

PS.  Montrose isn’t only getting one awesome specialty coffee shop- our good friends David Buerher and Ecky Probanto are opening Blacksmith! We grew up in specialty coffee together and we could not be more ecstatic to share Westheimer with anyone else.  David and Ecky are truly brilliant artisans, and we support them at their new venture 100%.  With their shop we have an opportunity to create a new walking neighborhood of quality in  Houston, how exciting is that?  We wish them the best and can’t wait to get coffee at their new venture.  Expect to see us first in line….  Check out www.greenwaycoffee.com read what David and Ecky are up to over at Blacksmith!

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Brewdown at Revival Market

For all those attending “The Event”  at the GRB Convention center, you are hereby challenged to a BREW-DOWN AT REVIVAL MARKET!!! Information is as follows…

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SCAA,…Welcome to H-town!!

Hey there guys and gals, the Specialty Coffee Association of America is holding their main event of the year right here in our home town. Starting on Tuesday 4/25, coffee folks from all over the world will begin to converge on the GRB convention center for the biggest show for coffee education, coffee products, The United States Barista Competition, and the first ever United States Brewers Cup. Check out www.scaaevent.org for schedule of events and information!

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Made Cook’s Top Ten on www.29-95.com!!!

Thanks so much to Alison for the love, and thanks to Jason Cheney, and the whole Barbed Rose crew for making me look good! If you haven’t checked out the Barbed Rose in Alvin yet, you’re missing out! From burgers on the porch, to shishito peppers and steak, everything is freaking delicious!

Check out Alison Cook’s top ten list here!
Check out the Barbed Rose here!

Melitta pour-over coffee at the Barbed Rose.

Melitta pour-over coffee at the Barbed Rose.

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8 Days in Shanghai

Whats up, my people from the west side of the world?! We finally made it! The long awaited UBC in Shanghai is this week and we are here patiently awaiting the first round to start. First round starts Wednesday, China time, and will be latte art. Thursday is espresso frappe, and we’ll finish up friday with espresso cocktail. We’re going to be periodically updating everyone on the competition’s progress, and uploading pictures and video here on the site, and on our flicker page, so long as we can access it. Speaking of access, don’t expect too many (or any at all) updates on facebook or twitter, as the PRC government has kindly blocked those sites from use. In any case though, the FB site will be your primary source for updates, and we’ll be sure to keep you in th loop. Until then, Ni hao, and 我想喝点咖啡。

UPDATE: Alight folks, pics here on my Photostream on Flickr.

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Latte Art Throwdown at the GRB Convention Center!

Hey guys and gals, this Saturday at the George R. Brown convention center, we’ll be throwing down for charity! Tickets are $15, and all proceeds benefit the Houston Furniture Bank. We’ll also have a booth where we will be giving away home brewing equipment like Hario hand mills and Chemex pour overs, and bags of C.O.E. coffee. Come take part in the “Le Nez du Cafe Smell challenge” and the “Random Coffee Trivia challenge”. David Buehrer will be giving a coffee class starting at 10am. Throwdown starts at noon. Come check it out, have a great time, and help raise some funds for a great cause!


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I’m famous!..well, on you tube anyway…

Check it, KHOU Channel 11 interviewed me cause Catalina Coffee rocks your socks off! Here is the video they posted on you tube.

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Hey, that guy looks familiar……

Yes, its true. They wrote an article in the Houston Chronicle about “The Art of Coffee”, and I’m in it. Star section, Oct. 25, 2009. A little weird, huh? Really great article, besides. It talked a little about some of my barista competitions, and a lot about the Houston Coffee scene. Tara Dooley, if you read this, thank you very much! You did a terrific job. For those of you new to the site, thanks for coming. Make yourselves comfortable, and grab a cup of coffee. I’ll try to keep the site filled with the goings-on in the Houston coffee scene, and fun facts about brewing, my farmers and the like. While you’re at it, check me out on twitter @fusionbeans.

For those of you that haven’t read the article, here’s the link for the Houston Chronicle online article.

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H-TOWN THROWDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!


Check it out people! This is the Houston event you don’t want to miss! Baristas from far and wide are coming to sling some ‘spro and donate some dough to a good cause. Suggested donation is $10. Prizes, givaways, costume contest and more. Non-profit Coffee Kids will receive all cash donated. Coffee Kids helps coffee producing families and children with things like education and health care. For more info on coffee kids, go to www.coffeekids.org.

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